IGNITION X now supports
BOX2D physics!

BOX2D is an awesome engine for simulating rigid bodies in 2D developed by Erin Catto. It is translated from the Flash port BOX2DFLASH by BorisTheBrave and ported by Damian Sinclair to Monkey X.

Go ahead and create the next Angry Birds!

For more information about BOX2D visit the website


The IGNITION X R.U.B.E. importer

R.U.B.E stands for Really Useful BOX2D Editor. This editor allows you to graphically manipulate BOX2D world and save it to a file. You can then load the saved file in your game/app and run the world. The main advantage of an editor like R.U.B.E is the speed and ease of development gained by being able to place items visually. Being able to tweak values and quickly see the results improves turn around time when fine tuning physical behaviors.
The Ignition R.U.B.E Importer gives you te ability to use R.U.B.E files in your project.

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