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IGNITION max is a powerful 2D game framework for BlitzMax. It is the original or 'classic' framework from Playniax. IGNITION max was released in 2010 and is the heart of our first game called Defenstar. IGNITION max is ideal for creating your own professional quality desktop games. Powerful, easy to understand and flexible.

Why would I want this?

  • To save yourself the boring research, technical problems and a lot of time!
  • Focus more on the productive aspects of creating games.
  • To develop IGNITION max has taken countless painful and boring hours of coding
    and testing saving you the trouble going through the same process.

Don’t reinvent the wheel, buy IGNITION max today!

What do I get with IGNITION max?

Engine mode
IGNITION max is more than just a framework. It's also a powerful 2D engine. Simply create objects and attach them to the engine. Once attached, objects are updated and rendered automatically. Objects can be scaled, zoomed, faded, sorted etc.
Content Encryption
IGNITION max supports simple file encryption. This can be useful to protect your external data files like images, music etc. A special tool is provided for batch encryption.
Tile system
IGNITION max comes with a basic orthogonal tile system and tile map editor. The tile module supports multiple bitmaps and multiple layers. The tile editor can export projects for IGNITION max and IGNITION X for Monkey.

OS Folders Support
The framework has OS specific folders support. Folders like application data, user home folder, fonts and temp files are easy to use.
Special Effects Generator
IGNITION max comes with presets for creating explosions, smoke, blast waves and light trails. More special effects will be added in future versions of Ignition.
General Purpose Interface
Creating a game is one thing, building the interface around it / presentation is another. IGNITION max game menu template can save you a lot of work.

And there’s more...

  • Common code library
  • Configuration class for loading settings
  • Storage class for saving game data
  • Highscore manager
  • Advanced 2D sub system
  • Fixed rate logic and tweening
  • Virtual resolutions
  • Horizontal and vertical splitscreen support
  • Zoom/fade an entire screen
  • Parallax scrolling support
  • Skin able GUI system
  • Sprite Z sorting
  • Content manager
  • Loader screen
  • Sound effects library
  • General purpose screenmode selector

    IGNITION max comes with many source code files,
    templates, documentation and examples.


Mutli platform

IGNITION max supports all BlitzMax targets so your app can be ready in no time for Windows, Mac or Linux. Use your time to be creative and spend less time on learning all these different platforms.

What is BlitzMax?

BlitzMax is a BASIC dialect. It was the first to run on multiple operating systems; it runs on Mac OS, Linux and Microsoft Windows. The language is converted to assembler, then assembled - allowing it to be somewhat platform agnostic.
Other major changes from earlier Blitz products are its object-oriented and modular nature. BlitzMax code is first converted to a low level assembler format, which is then assembled into object code for the target platform. BlitzMax is capable of compiling for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.