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Defenstar is a horizontal scrolling shoot'em up inspired by games like Defender, Datastorm and Dropzone. There hasn’t been a game made like this in a long time. With it's wonderful graphics, sound and smooth gameplay it's a great gaming value for young and old alike! It will test your arcade skills to the maximum.

Dancers in Red
Dancers in Red
Dancers in Red
Dancers in Red
Dancers in Red

System requirements

OS : Windows XP / Vista / 7 (DirectX 9) or MacOS (x86)
Processor : 2+ GHZ
Memory : 1+ GB RAM
Graphics : 128+ MB RAM (dedicated)
Hard Drive : Atleast 250 MB RAM of free space
Defenstar can be played by keyboard or gamepad / joystick.

The object of Defenstar is to protect your pods on their perilous journey. To do this, you must pick the pods up, one by one, and carry them through the portal. Note that the so-called ‘soul collectors’ can also pick up your pods. If a soul collector succeeds in reaching the top of the atmosphere with a pod, the pod is infected and turned into a traitor leaving you with only the option to destroy it. If you lose a pod a bounty killer will appear and try to 'relieve' you of your duties. Keep an eye out for cargo ships. They carry upgrades for your weapon systems which can be collected by flying into them after you have destroyed a cargo ship. To end each level, all invaders must be destroyed.

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